ISF2019 focus on Industrial Component and Parts.

International Sourcing Fair (Shanghai, China) is a State-Level fair organized by Ministry of Commerce and Shanghai Municipal People's Government, working together with over 50 Provincial governments, international buyer associations and national industry associations.

Best way to find NEW and BETTER Supplier ISF China is a good opportunity to spread your sourcing requirement and to let more suppliers know your sourcing activities in China, which help buyers save sourcing costs.

Buyers to Exhibit, Suppliers to Visit. Potential supplier partners would visit your booth at ISF and have a deeper conversation, most of whom already known your needs and requirements. Tailed PRE-MATCHING SERVICE will recommend qualified suppliers as well.

Brainstorm on Supply Chain Optimization ISF Forum serves as learning platform providing you with access to the latest market updates, newest technique and creative ideas from industry leaders, top experts, renowned buyers from home and abroad.

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